Immortal Soul

A search for the fallen fruit,

Was the way for finding the deepest truth.

A sudden gesture of the reality and adventure,

As to know what remains in the knot.

The trespassing soul ready to face the torture,

As it is immortal and we are not!

Not the possessions we own,

Are the attire of the immortal soul.

Not our fame nor our blame,

Are his unkind responsibilities.

He is not our identity,

But the reason of our beauty.

He is not our reminiscene,

But our eternal bond and a friend.

A sulky mortal’s body remains in the graveyard,

The course of time decomposes its lamenting kins.

But the mighty soul, enters another mortal,

To start a new gesture of reality and adventure,

As it is immortal and we are not!

Cherishing Some Memories

As school life seems to end soon,

Memories, stories, fun takes tight place in my heart.

Well! Today was indeed the day which will always remain close to my heart.

The girls gang ever ready to pose when the camera is near 😊

My best friends. The Golden Trio

Indeed both are the prettiest. All boys searching for a click with these two.πŸ˜‰

The gang of four, we the one who study at games period and fun at class hours πŸ˜…

A Name To This Bond

Our footsteps on the silent beach,

Narrates the story of each.

A bond that started in no time,

Shared many mischievous crime.

Memories of endless writing,

With an argument on a painting.

Is that all about this bond ?

No, it goes as far,

As if it will reach the pole star.

Now, it is beyond the ability of my ink,

And two minds tired to rethink.

Is there any name for this Bond?

10th Grade Daydreamers

Tring! Tring! Goes the bell
A giant figured, red moustached enters,
Turning the classroom to a hell.
A dreadful sum took its place on the board,
As our minds switched on to the dreaming mode.

A common fantasy we share

To meet the young athlete we care,
The dashing player never failing on his way

Captivating our dreams on this day.

Now our thoughts move on to Wonderland of achievements,
We as first rankers in class
Cracking the sports, making a blast,

All the trophies we win, all the medals,

We top in every battles!

Our dreams show the pressure world,
The fat guy with his fat Math Book
Raising his knowledge sword!

Solving the problem that no one could,

Eww! His nerdish look.

The laughing gang took a catchy attention,
The straight haired girl, cracking jokes
The yellow batched captain, with the backbenchers
Annoying all the teachers,
And the innocent white toned girl,

Companying them in their mysterious fun.

The “three best friends”
Getting along together with musical trends
The curly haired rapper, being the leader,

They aren’t aware of anything
Cause all just they know is BLACKPINK!

Ego, fights and dark jokes common in class,

Miss Americana and the Once in a Blue Moon Prince,
The fighters arising at last.
Prince will always claim he’s right
Miss will scold all day to grab the second seat tight!

Alas! How poor we are in thoughts,

Our pages filled with incomplete notes.
The dreadful sum seems totally unsolvable ,
As it stood still like a quote.

This is my second collaboration with my bestie

We dedicate this poem to our class 10 batchmates.

Mr Wise Owl’s Lesson 3

Greetings! Myself Mr Wise Owl, back to wordpress for the third time. Hope you all can tolerate me well.

(Photo credit :@Drona)

My purpose here is to fix out the humanly errors. So, here I go on with my third lesson.

Wisdom Lesson 3:

Human beings are the most intelligent species on earth. They are master of knowledge, memory, emotion etc. These power holdings give rise to a cunning enemy inside human brain. It is the ‘pride’. Pride is one of the most astonishing self destructive emotion. So it must be removed from the roads of mankind.

“Beat down your pride,”

Be humble and shine.”

Well, this was all for today. I will be back another day. Till then enjoy poems and please comment if my lessons were helpful.

Harry Potter Throwback

Greetings everyone!! Today I would like to answer some of the questions put forward by my best friends on Harry Potter books.

1.Favourite magical book

All the seven books were magical. It is never easy to choose the favourite one. But still I choose Goblet of Fire because of the thrilling Triwizard competition.
2.Character you hate the most which is loved by most of the people.

It is Snape. Many people like Snape after reading the Prince’s tale. But for me Snape remains the professor who tortured Harry for six years straight.

3.Favourite place in Hogwarts.

Hogwarts will be the most intriguing place to stay. My favourite place is the Quidditch ground where I dream of becoming a famous keeper. Also I want to visit the Hogwarts library.

4.Which death eater would you have an affair with?

Draco Malfoy. I have been crushing on him since the first book.( I know he was not meant to be a death eater😣)

5. Which is favourite magical moment?

It is definitely the one when Hagrid tells Harry that he is a wizard.

“Harry _yer a wizard ”

6.Which house do you belong to? Please sort one of your fellow blogger.

I am in Gryffindor. I would like to sort Bidisha into Ravenclaw. She is brilliant student and perfect to be my ‘Luna’ friend 😁

7.Which Howgarts professor do you want in our school?

I wish professor Lupin was there in our school. It would have been fun and boring days would have turned entertaining.

8. Who is the most evil villain in the whole series?

When you use the word ‘evil’, it meant to be Umbridge. She was far more cruel and evil than Voldemort.

9. Favourite Dumbledore’s quote?

The truth. It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution.”

10. Do you read Harry Potter fanfics? Any favourite choice?

Yes I read some of them in free times. I prefer reading Rose-Scorpious.