The Daily Routine

The morning tells us,

To wake up fast,

To take a fresh bath.

To fill our stomach,

With bread and butter,

And start the day with a healthy smile.

The noon tells us,

To quickly recharge our energy,

With rice and chapati.

And possibly a short nap,

As the body loses its strength,

Fighting the hot headed sun.

The evening tells us,

To enjoy the sight,

As the yellow sky turns black,

To have a cup of tea,

And recreate the day’s events.

The night tells us,

To get away with all our pressures,

To take a sweet dinner.

And to sleep soundly,

Releasing all stress and hardship of the day.


Looking around the Nature

I travelled along the mountain high,

I walked through the narrow valley,

I swam across the sea so vast,

But they never looked as sad as now.

The happiness of nature,

Chocked away by buildings so high.

The green land, the yellow fields,

All turned black.

The playful animals are rare to find,

The tall trees are reduced by their height.

I see the mountain losing its strength,

I feel the valley losing its trust,

I hear the sea crying hard,

All hoping for a change,

The one that can be brought by the mankind.

A very happy World Environment Day to all…

Dark Vision

The dark day arrived,

That awakened us fast,

Making us realise

Our past, our sin,

Our deadly mistakes,

Our greed!

The morning gazed brightly,

As we drove on for a journey.

Our dreams and hopes vanished at once,

As the vehicle no longer accompanied us.

It was not more than an hour,

When we walked on foot through the asphalt

And arrived at the brimming tower.

The cries of despair,

The hustle of a desperate need,

Trembled our ears.

Tough men all gathered fair,

Drilling the soil, in search of the golden oil.

But all the struggle went in vain,

When there was not a single drop left!

The dark day lasts forever,

Leaving us souless, as we go out of breath.

It is too late to correct

Our past, our sin, our greed.

Our heart stays only in pain,

Seeing our mother earth perish.

This poem is a dual work by myself and Bidisha

Check out her blog too..


She knew it was late to be awake,

She knew it was not a precious metal to take.

But no soon was she trapped,

As for now she only had fun there.

But she would sigh no late,

When the night moves away,

And the morning glows with birds abode.

She would carry a hump of burden all day,

Not knowing where to dump it away.

The face won’t let her smile,

The body won’t let her carry on,

As the guilt perished her soul.

A Special Note To Mother. Not A Poem.. ..

Words are not effective

A poem is not enough

For expressing gratitude to your kindness.

Happiness not a concern nor is fear

Not even anger or poison in air.

Only think that I remember now

Is your wide smile.

The smile that melts the hardest metal

The only one on earth which always makes me feel the same.

As time passes by, everything seems to change

But you remain unchanged.

You remain selfless throughout

Devoting everything for my comfort.

Words fail, As I do

To describe the affinity of a mother for her child.

Sunshine Blogger Award…

I am delighted to hear that someone has nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

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